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02-07-2009, 04:58 AM
As you are probably aware, countless new Daily Traffic Exchanger and Autosurf programs emerge every day but disappear within weeks. The usual causes for their early failure are:

1) Lack of multiple income streams
2) High cost of payments to free members
3) Poor customer care

12Dreams.net has made considerable effort to avoid these common pitfalls and protect your earnings. To ensure lasting success, we have integrated several key components into the program such as:

1) Upgrade earnings are financed only partially by member upgrades. A large portion of our income stream is generated by advertisement and offsite investments.
2) Members are required to upgrade within the first seven days of membership to reduce the overhead cost of free accounts.
3) Our superior customer service provides timely responses and regular updates based on honest opinions.

12Dreams.net is an autosurf program and receives much of its income from
advertisement sales. We want to reward you for selling your advertisements on our site and offer you a generous 20% commission on every sale. You are also invited to join our team of specialists who sell advertisements internet-wide. Become an active member and feel the rush of success, yours and ours.

Member benefits



But 12dreams.net doesn't stop there. In addition to the opportunity to earn cash by surfing, we also provide you with invaluable resources that will help you make the most of your earnings. As upgraded member you have FREE access to our weekly features, PTC area, and more! We also have advertising opportunities like none other on the net.

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