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02-27-2009, 12:11 PM
Hello friends,

My name is Colnor Villanueva from the Philippines. I am the admin of 13x11pro.com

Firstly, I want to welcome every new member who have decided to join 13x11pro at its inception. And for those of you who are supporting us in the forums. That is an exciting thing to do and i will say a big thank you to you all.

Without you, 13x11pro.com won't have had a good start. So thanks again all. We dearly appreciate your efforts.

This is my first 13x11pro newsletter. I figured I would send it out a little early, as I have a lot of people with a lot of common questions. If this still does not answer your questions, please do email us back and I will be glad to answer them for you.

I hope this guide will save your time in understanding better what 13x11pro is all about. How it works and how you can take full profit advantage of this business opportunity program.

The 13x11pro.com Mission:
Our mission is to create a large advertising portal for advertisers as well as create a second income opportunity for our members.

How 13x11pro Works:
1- 13x11pro is an autosurf. You are paid for autosurfing at least 13 sites per day. Autosurfing is a fully automatic process; a new site is automatically loaded every 20 seconds.

It takes 5 minutes of your time per day. Whatever amount of money you put in (by purchasing an ad pack), you get 143% of that amount back.

For example, buy a 100$ worth of ad pack, autosurf 11 days, wait about 3 days for withdrawal, and cash back 143$. That’s it, you don’t have to recruit anyone, sell anything or do any other kind of work. There is no catch. So far, the only way I’ve seen that you can lose money is by forgetting to autosurf at least 3 days out of 11 (you will still earn 104%) or by breaking the rules (cheating).

2- Putting money in (buying ad packs) is also referred to as upgrading, and you can upgrade by using Liberty Reserve, Alertpay, Strictpay and Perfect Money.

For those of you who are new to this, these are online payment processor and the money in it is as real as the one in your pockets. Think of it as a variation of the well-known payment processor Paypal, which is used on ebay. You upgrade with these payment processors, and you get paid back to your processor account.

3- You can have 3 simultaneous upgrades, but the total must not be over $13,000. Each upgrade unit cost 13$, so the maximum is 1000 units. The minimum of course is 1 unit (13$). Registration is free.

4. When you're on to something good, you share it. And this is one hell of a good thing to share: 13x11pro.com.
For each of your referral ad pack purchases, we pay you 9% ref. bonus. That is $1.17 commission earned on each ad pack purchased by people you refer.

If you refer John and he purchases 100 Ad packs, that is $117 earned in ref bonus by you. What if Join purchased 500 or even 1000 Ad packs?

Or what if you have over 100 or 200 referrals with ad packs totaling 1000 or 2000 ad packs monthly? Well, do the math’s yourself.

Brief summary of 13x11pro.com features:

Important info:
In order to insure success for our paying members, all FREE members are required to upgrade (minimum $13) within 11 days of joining our program.

13x11 Pro is making an investment in your future success. Please do not join unless you are prepared to do the same.

Some simple Guide about 13x11pro :
Register at 13x11pro.com using a referral link, not through the main website! The person whose referral link you use will become your upline.

Make sure you choose an upline that you will be happy with in the long run, because you are not supposed to change your upline after you sign-up.

Register ONLY from your HOME PC, not a public place. Do not let anyone else use that PC or the same Internet connection to sign-up OR autosurf on the 13x11pro website.
To be extra safe and 100% worry free, I recommend having only one 13x11pro account per house.

5- Last step! Login to your 13x11pro account. And please DO NOT autosurf yet if you want to upgrade today. Once you autosurf, you cannot upgrade for the day.

When you are done, click on Upgrade Account on the top menu, follow the instructions to buy some units at 13$ each.

For example, if you want to upgrade 260$, then you should enter 26 units. Upgrades are usually automated but if for any reason your upgrades are not automated, do contact us and we will manually add the purchased upgrade to your account…

Once you are upgraded, just click on Start Surfing on the top menu. Let the autosurf run until you earn at least 20 credits (it takes about 5 min), then click on Open Account, and you are done for the day! You can see your first 13% earned right there on your Cash Balance!

If you decide to give this a try, but do not feel comfortable putting in a large sum of money, then DON’T. You can start with $13 (increasing heavily next time) and improves as your confidence increases.

Withdrawal Process:
Something to understand is that, you don’t withdraw funds back daily to your payment processor.
Once you ad pack expires which normally takes 11 days, Then you can place a withdrawal request.
Our time table for withdrawal is between 3 to 7 days but we will try to make this faster as much as we could.

And the reason it takes this longer is because unlike other similar sites who have no extra source of income to backup their members payout, with 13x11pro, we also involve in offline trading with members funds to generate the profits we pay you. We do this as to ensure the long term sustainability of this program.

Thanks again and enjoy your membership at 13x11pro.com

Yours Sincerely,
Colnor Villanueva
“A mind is just like a parachute, it only works when open.”