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03-28-2009, 05:58 AM
Extreme Revenue Program We Share 75% of Revenue and 90% On All Other Income (BRAND NEW JUST LAUNCHED)

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How it works:

Say I put $1,000 in Ad-Ventures. I make 2% which is $140 at end of week. 7 adpacks expire,.. so I buy $70 in ad packs and am back to $1,000. That means I could take out the full $70 left, and the capital would remain intact and would repeat the same amount next week. Of course I would take out.. say $50 and buy to additional ad packs each week to keep it growing. That is because of the 200% expire. This is huge Guys. You can pull out 5 times the money with same principle as you would with any other program. Plus you get 15% on referral upgrades week after week when they upgrade. I'm not talking outside money. I'm talking when they upgrade internally at the site. I'm making good money from referrals. Way, way better than other sites. I'm getting Ad-Venture up to 5K where I can pull out $1,120 a month, and still be upgrading 20% of earnings each week. I haven't even included referral earnings and monthly bonus. Probably 12 or $1,300 conservatively. I would need $25 to $30,000 to pull out that kind of money with other sites. We are also growing by well over 150-200 new members per day. Less money at risk for bigger return. That's what it's all about Guys. I've been in AD-Ventures for a couple of months now and it finally dawned on me what the 200% expire really means. It was a real revelation. I started moving money from all other sites to here when they pulled this shutdown.

More Than 9700 members and still growing

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