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03-31-2008, 08:50 PM

I am Luis, Admin of 10dailypay.com

10dailypay is officially launched! I hope we can make a good business together & We need your help & your support.

http://www.10dailypay.com (http://www.10dailypay.com)

Welcome To 10dailypay.com

10dailypay.com is a very good program to make money online. Begin at 10dailypay member & surf only 15 websites daily getting 10% on your purchase. It is easy! It is profitable! It is risk free! More over being a member of 10dailypay you get 3% referral bonus for every person referred. Just spend a few minutes surfing with us per day & earn competitive commission. Or organize your own referral campaign on forums or blogs by referring others & earn your 3% commission. We are always ready to share our profits with you because we share our cooperation with each of you.

Cannot Win Without Your Cooperation

We advise our members to vote minimum two votes per week in our monitors, so that this will help us to develop our program. Please mention you Member ID while voting in our monitors for suprise rewards from 10dailypay.com


We guarantee every external deposits you make into 10dailypay! You can find out more in our FAQ and Terms pages.

"10dailypay is a long term Private Investment program. All money deposited will be invested in various online and offline activities. Profits from these investments are shared with our Members and also re-invested in stable long term investments to guarantee our program's stability for the long term."

Members at 10dailypay can enjoy advertising and earning without the fear that other new members have to join to bring in additional funds in order to receive the benefits of their earnings. Your money will actually create wealth here!

Never A "50/50 Rule" And "Active Upgrade" Required To Get Paid!

Payment Processors Accepted: E-Gold, Liberty Reserve

Member Benefits:

Free Member:

» 100 free signup credits
» 1% referral commissions
» Advertise 1 site
» Surf up to 30 sites daily
» 15 second timer
» Earn on advertising credit
» Earn on ptcs
» No cashout allowed

Upgraded Member:

» 10% daily for 12 days
» 3% referral commissions
» Advertise 2 site
» Surf 15 sites daily
» Upgrade cost $5 per unit
» 5000$ maximum upgrade
» Cashout after unit expired
» Payout within 48 Hours

http://www.10dailypay.com (http://www.10dailypay.com)

Admin, 10dailypay

04-11-2008, 04:50 PM
Hello all members,

thanks for your supports.

If you have any problem or suggestion about 10DailyPay, please let me know.

Admin, 10DailyPay