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05-06-2009, 03:20 AM
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Welcome to USDozen

Let me first give you a little background about myself and USDozen, and my first try on the autosurf world. It's been now roughly 4 years since I learned that such fun world exists. I was once a believer of the get-rich-quick schemes and believed forex investments stated and boasted on the HYIPs and Autosurfs that existed and became popular during those times. It could have been because everyone jumped at the bandwagon or everyone was just playing along.

It was not until I lost a good amount of money that I learned that their offers were impossible to achieve using the methods they were supposed to be doing.

With great depression because of the great loss I incurred, I decided to fold the book and just check what was happening in this world from time to time. From payment processors to thousands of websites closing up and runnig away and those with brief success as well, to those that were straight forward and told everyone that they were not investment sites, then that was the time I told myself , "Hey, I can do this" . So here I am finally deciding to try it this time as a site owner and hopefully turn the tide not just for me but for everyone else.

I decided to put up a website for those looking for a program that does not make up stories and pretend to be a legitimate investment company. 11% daily for 11 days will enable you to make some money in a fairly short amount of time but not enormous returns that would ruin the growth of a program before it even begins to plant its roots on the ground.

Oh and by the way, my name is Roger Miller. I am looking forward for a good future between us all. I promise you I will give this all my best. I will need all the suggestions you can give me to make this a fully successful website. Thank you very much!

I hope to see you in USDozen and make some money while letting our website grow healthier day by day.

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