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07-26-2009, 04:17 PM

Welcome to Surf-Our-Colors.

Hello surfers, I am KATHRYN OWENS; I was a regular investor in Auto-surf and hyip programs for the past 3 years and also a supporter in MMG forum in the name DOLLORTREE. With my experience I came to know that the autosurf industry is filled with secrets and mysteries. Many programs succeeded in short time and disappeared in a very short time. But there are some good program organized by honest admin?s in this arena which is still running successfully because of their professional planning system and a good support from the members. If we need to earn in this horizon we need to give a best support as much as we can to standardize a program.

The vision of surfourcolors is to entertain, educate, awaken, inform and make the investor realize the beauty and wonder of joyful income. He must realize how thrilling and exciting the world is.

Our features are:

- Plan A: 11% Daily for 10 days with daily payout system.
- Plan B: 11% Daily for 11 days which will be paid after expiry.
- Plan C: 4% Daily for 30 days with daily payout system. (Non-Surf)
- 3% referral commission (Only for upgraded Member)
- $5 Per Ad unit.
- No withdraw Fee.
- We accept Alertpay, Strictpay, Libertyreserve and Perfectmoney.
- View 11 websites to earn daily percentage.

surfourcolors (http://www.surfourcolors.com/?ref=10)