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10-15-2009, 01:17 PM

Welcome to World Asset Growth Ltd
World Asset Growth Ltd (WAG) is a community built on the shared financial goals of its members: substantial, reliable income that's secure from bureaucratic marauders and Internet scammers. It provides a powerful way to build and promote your business, as well as a multitude of services to enhance your life and your family's wellbeing (and save a lot of money doing it!).

WAG is an advertising company and as such delivers web traffic to your site based on the advertising packages purchased. But WAG is much more!

We pay 75% of our revenue total back to members: 65% as rebate sharing and 10% as ref commission, making a total of 75% revenue share. WAG will keep 15% for our labor with security and 10% for cost of maintaining the site, We just like you have to pay bills.

Upgraded Pro Membership requires a purchase of $10 worth of Adcentives. Pro members are required to view 80 other members websites every week to qualify for the weekly cash rebate. (If there is a cash rebate).
All Pro Members receive 2 levels of referral commissions. Pro Members can earn a weekly cash rebate (up to 10%/totaling 200% of their Adcentives purchases from the advertising sales that WAG generates each week.
VERY IMPORTANT: WAG "DOES NOT GUARANTEE" that it will pay a cash rebate every week. You are purchasing advertising. When you purchase Adcentives, THIS DOES NOT GUARANTEE you will make any cash rebates.

Here are just a few of the reasons this is a great opportunity for WAG members:

* Protect your assets offshore.
* Diversify your personal and corporate banking.
* Increase your banking options with more services.
* Protect funds that would otherwise be fair game in your home jurisdiction.
* Give your business a truly international presence.
* Open the door to financial products and services that are otherwise unavailable to you or your company.
* Internet banking is the easiest way to manage your money.
* Gain access to your accounts from anywhere in the world!

Staff of WAG
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02-12-2010, 01:19 PM
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