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04-25-2007, 12:52 PM
Daivdsurf.com is a unique affiliate and advertising network. Members can purchase Ad Packs for their site. This advertising consists of another member viewing a full page of your website in our website rotator. Not only can members advertise their sites, but can also earn affiliate commissions for viewing other members websites!
The first thing that You should do is to create a FREE membership with Davidsurf. You are offered 1000 FREE credits and a FREE 20 days test drive during whitch you can post your site, get used to Davidsurf and see if you like the system.
If you don't upgrade during these 20 days your FREE membership is automatically purged from the system.
In order to insure the long term success of our upgraded members and our program, all free members are required to upgrade (minimum $6) within 20 days of joining to avoid account cancellation.
We have learnt from their mistakes and will only accept one reliable processor, e-gold.
* Earn 12% daily for 11 days.
* 12% x 11 days = 132%.
* earn up to $720 Daily.
* 6% referral commission
* 1 Unit = only $6
* 11 Second Timer.
* View only 11 sites each day.