View Full Version : Dos and don’ts in designing flash banners.

03-10-2010, 05:00 AM
You have to follow an extremely professional method to establish your identity on internet. You will have tough competition, with people who are ever ready with the toughest hurdles for their competitors.
The most important part is not just having a website, but an aesthetically appealing website that’s equally loved by the users and the search engines.
Normally a visitor takes about 15-20 seconds to go through a page. A professional web page design has to arouse the interest and develop the curiosity of the visitors within this short span of time. If a website fails to win the visitor’s interest by this time, it needs a change.
Home page flash animation is one of the most important components of a website. This easily attracts the attention of the visitors. Flash components motivate users to browse for inner pages of the website, and prompt them to know more about the company.
According to flash design Brisbane professionals, home page flash designs are capable of attracting a lot of visitors. These designs give a simple and clear visual summary of what the company has to offer.
Flash animations are not just components for decorative purposes. They help a lot in enhancing the visitor’s attention, thereby increasing the leads/sales. However, this should be used only with caution, and should not exceed a limit. Excess use of flash banners will spoil the SEO process.
Here are a few tips to avoid it.

• Add Ajax controlled flash banners & keyword rich content
• Don’t repeat flash banners with similar contents
• Don’t use heavy flash banners with minimum or no content

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