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danides 12-26-2019 12:28 PM

Oneadpack -
1. Registration
In order to participate in the program you should Register an account and verify your email. After registering you will receive an email with a verification link that you should click in order to get your account verified.
Once verified you will be granted access to the OneAdPack member area.

2. Purchasing AdPack
Simply click on the "Purchase" Adpack button to make a purchase. The process is straightforward, just decide how many adpack you want and follow instructions.

3. Minimum and Maximum Purchase
The minimum AdPack purchase is 1 ($1.00) and the maximum is 3000.
The maximum daily purchase is 100 AdPacks.

4. Earning by Visiting Websites
You earn 0.4333% of your spend for every visit that you made and up to 4.333% every day (with 10 visits). Visiting more than 10 sites will not add any additional monetary rewards but will increase your advertising credits.

130% Profits in 30 Days
2 Tiers Affiliate 7%/3%
Accept Perfect Money, STP, Payeer, CoinPayments

The minimum withdrawal amount is $5.00

It comes from the well proven owner, Mark Dosier, the owner of CryptoSurf and countless other sites.

You can be sure that there will be high quality, longevity, and perfect support.

ONEADPACK - New Site - Trusted Admin - Signup now!

danides 01-19-2020 12:20 PM

Admin set a soft cap for Adpack purchases at $1500. This Soft Cap
doesn't mean that you cannot buy more Adpack, but in fact
you can still reach the hard cap of $3000 with your repurchases.
This is also a great improvement that, without changing the nature of
the program, it is aimed for the Long Term, and will help to
keep OneAdPack extremely stable!

Two new Splashes has been added to the Promotional

Admin also uploaded the Paid online solos script.

The vacation script will be ready within next week too.

danides 02-07-2020 05:03 PM

As soon as you have more than $1.00 in commissions you will be able to repurchase more AdPacks. Additionally, in order to increase the stability of the program 20% of your daily earnings and commissions will be put in a repurchase wallet that you can only use to repurchase AdPacks.

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