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Rules of the Contest:

* each participant has the right to register only one account;

* each account is opened by the following link:;

trading results of each participant are available in "monitoring of contest accounts" or in Мetatrader4 with investor's password NordFX;

* the accounts that are not included in monitoring are not allowed to participate in the contest;

* the initial deposit for participation is $ 10 000;
leverage is 1:100;

* it is not allowed to make any transactions before the beginning or after the end of the contest;

* each participant has to close all opened positions and delete all pending orders by the end of the contest;
at the end of the next phase of the contest the account becomes closed but remains available for public inspection;

* it is not allowed to work from the same IP address on different accounts participating in the contest;

* for each occurrence of the same IP addresses for different accounts these accounts will be disqualified banned; it is not allowed to work via proxy server or with the help of the programs changing real IP address.
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