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Today you helped out someone, tomorrow you will be helped out!

Do you keep your money with a bank? But do you want some swanky banker buy another limo for themselves?
You better keep your money safe with MMM, helping a retired, handicapped or poor person at the same time. Helping those people who are badly in need of your help
We are more than 10 million!
You just have to get registered (and get your bonus $20 as a registration gift), join the System, 'buy' your MAVRO money, and keep on lying on your couch and watching how rapidly your capital grows in value, with up to 20 or 30% of gain*a month.
(Note that your deposit grows even faster, up to 75% each month.)
Capital boost rate at 20 or 30% a month makes your money grow 9 and 23,5 times bigger a year, consecutively. It's as a parenthetical note for those who are not that good at maths (supposably, of course :-)).
Do you want to sell your MAVRO money partly or completely? At a new, higher price? That's not a problem at all!*You can do this whenever you want with no limitations!*Sell them for good and all!
What else? You will be given bonuses (so to say awards :-)) for every new person who joined the System with you.
The bonus will amount to 20% of their first payment and 10% of all the payments they make onward. Sounds not too bad, doesn't it?
Well, if all of your family members want to take (or maybe your colleagues) part, you can make a group, why not? To be like one big crowd there :-)).
Oh, almost forgot about this one! The main thing! :-))
You will be given $20 upon registration. Just for the sake of it, as a present. And you won't be obligated to do anything. If you feel like withdrawing it, just do this and don't take part. It'scompletely up to you.
All of this was just cut short. Now you'd better read.

This is a financial pyramid!
This is a financial pyramid!
This is a financial pyramid!

By taking part you take great risks and you may loose all your money any moment. Don't forget that!
(But by not taking part you're not taking any risks and you can't loose anything.)
Because you don't have anything! :-))
There are no investments! No entrepreneurship!
No securities trading, no business ties with professional traders, no bonds or stocks you buy! (Do you really need them? :-))
Pyramid! Pyramid! Pyramid!

if you want*to know more*then*click on this link
and use the translator

If, after all of*the information received,*you*want to join the*MMM system,*send me an email*on, then*I will contact*you*and register in the system!
We have a lot*(in Russian Мы Можем Многое)
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