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Default DoubleCapital -

I am not admin/owner of the project.

I bring to your attention the DoubleCapital

International Double Capital investment company specializing in high yield investment projects and precious metals trading. The main focus for the company makes investments in zoloto.Dlya increase sales and improve profits, the company accepts deposits from individuals, paying twice the amount of the deposit within 40 days of equal amounts each den.Drugimi words, the system Double Capital - it is an opportunity for any person over the age 18 years of age to participate in the investment business and is guaranteed to get your dividendy.Sistema most often used for: Any type of loan repayment passive income
International Finance Company Double Capital collaborates with world-famous dealers in precious metals: Auvesta, Heraeus, Umicore Emirates Gold, located in Germany, Switzerland and Dubai.
ANTI-credit program pay off debt
  • repayment of monthly payments
  • repayment of the loan
  • perfect credit history

Promo video for youtube -

Repay the loan by investing only 5% of the amount! With the system Double Capital, you can easily and fully repay any loan (cash, marketable or mortgage), using only 5% of the amount of the loan.
Earn money without working! Thanks to Double Capital, you get the money to multiply themselves, without your participation. Do more shopping, travel and relax, because now you have a stable passive income!
Referral Program:

Get 20% off your bill on the contributions of friends! Inviting Double Capital in new members, you will immediately receive 20% of their first deposit into your purse.

Acept: PerfectMoney и Payeer

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Date : 09/27/2013 15:02
From/To Account : U4908399
Amount : -50.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 35834792
Memo : Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to Double Capital from vasy.
Payment ID : 31566
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