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One of the most important factors of successful trading is choosing the right company to provide you services on the FOREX market. Nord FX has several advantages that make trading in financial markets more comfortable, convenient, effective and easy for you.

Open an account quickly and easily.
You won't have to spend a lot of time filling agreements and sending documents to open an account with us. You won't have to come to the office or mail paper contracts back and forth for weeks. Fill out a short form on our website and your account will be open in minutes.

Easily deposit money into an account.
Deposit money to an account anytime via online payment services (MoneyBookers, Liberty Reserve, Webmoney and others). Money transferred via an electronic payment service enters your account automatically and becomes available for trading immediately.

Three types of trading accounts.
Our trading conditions enable you to be on a firm ground with any size initial deposit. For this purpose we have developed 3 types of trading accounts: "Micro", "Standard" and "MT-ECN". "Micro" offers fixed spread sizes, while the "Standard" and "MT-ECN" account has tools for the professional trader who can get an extra profit from spread fluctuation.

Minimal spreads.
Our 1 point spread on main currency pairs significantly decreases costs and enlarges your profit.

Access a variety of trading tools.
There are 28 currency pairs in FOREX, CFD on shares, futures, precious metals, indexes, and energy resources at your disposal. Access to a variety of financial instruments considerably increases your trading capability, making it possible for you to develop an optimal investment portfolio and better react to world events.

One account for all trading tools.
You don't need to open several accounts to trade shares (CFD contracts), currencies and precious metals. Open one account and every instrument will be available to you through a single account management system.

Automated trading.
The Strategy Runner trading platform provides server-side execution of trading strategies without needing to keep the platform online all the time. Strategies in automatic mode are executed on the company's server and orders are sent to the broker directly from the server via a secure, high-speed internet connection. Connection irregularities, lack of internet access, and psychological impact will never influence your trading.

Complete Mobility.
Mobile trading via MT4 Mobile for PDA and smartphone allows you to place orders wherever you are and manage your trades on-the-go.

Favorable trade terms.
Leverage provides the most optimal trading strategy for you: small leverage helps to decrease losses if an unfavorable market situation occurs, while big leverage increases risk and enlarges profit accordingly.

Position hedging.
Working with brokers guarantees the safety of placed positions and ensures that you can open and close a position at current market price - critical for intraday trading.
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