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Old 03-03-2009, 06:03 PM
LF adviser
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Thumbs up Liteforex - take your first step to financial freedom

Hello dear participants of the dialogue.
I'm the official representative of the company LiteForex. My name is Dmitry. With the permission of the forum administration, I would like to invite all interested persons to discuss the services of our company in this topic. Also I'll be glad to listen to offers and help to solve interesting questions.
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Old 03-12-2009, 09:06 PM
LF adviser
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Course of the east.

Nowadays a planned development of the markets of various countries is a priority orientation of development of the group of companies LiteForex. Chinese market possessing the greatest potential is of particular interest to the group of the companies: China is in the top of ten leaders by quantity of active trading traders of group of the companies by intracorporate estimations, it is not wonder, considering 1 billion 300 million country population and to be in a three of leaders in the company, the advancement department of the company services on the Chinese market was created.
Since March, 10th, 2009 Mr. Jinxin Chu was appointed head of this department. Jinxin Chu graduated from the colleges CASA and Americanos (Cyprus), he passed a professional certification in the field of counteraction of legalisation of the incomes received by a criminal way, before the beginning of work in the group of companies LiteForex he successfully conducted a client area in one of the leading Forex dealing centres. Since spring of 2009, the high level of professionalism and successful administrative experience of Mr. Jinxin Chu will be directed at an active representation of interests of the group of companies LiteForex in the China’s territory and first of all in the financial capital of China - Shanghai.
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Old 03-17-2009, 07:57 PM
LF adviser
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The winners of a trader competition at forum are declared and rewarded
On the 6th of March, 2009 the active trading of the competition has ended, it was conducted by the forum with support of the group of companies LiteForex. On March, 13th, as well as it was announced before in the competition conditions, the final results are sum upped and the competition winners are published, the won sums are deposited into their trading accounts – 800, 500, 300, 200, 100, 50, 30 and 20 US dollars for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 places in the rating table respectively.
1624 participants from 9 various countries worldwide were registered for a participation in the competition, 1605 traders have taken active part in the competitive trading. The funds total admitted to the trading at the moment of the beginning of the competition makes up 160 500 000 US dollars, at the ending of the competition this sum has made up 169 821 994, 5 US dollars taking into account negative balances of participant deposits.
The competition winner is a trader from Russia; he opened his competitive account in the company Straighthold Investment Group, Inc, being a part of the group of companies LiteForex. The 2nd and 5th places were taken by the traders from Belarus, the 3rd and 8th – the traders from Ukraine, the 4th – the trader from Lithuania, the 6th and 7th places also were taken by Russians.
« it’s impossible to tell about a considerable superiority of someone among winners », - comments, the final results of trading competition, the marketing director of the group of companies LiteForex Simeon Rakhmanov, - « the gap between contenders for various places was estimated at the tenth parts of a point, as well as a difference between prize-winning and not prize-winning rating positions».
The most successful trading was the trading of the winner, in the true sense of the word, – the trader managed to increase his deposit by 50 % and following the strict competitive rules of trade-keeping. Also the Russian managed to come to the ending of the competition with the smallest deposit: the trader has kept only 40039.51 on the competitive deposit from initial 100 000 US dollars.
The prize-winning sums will be deposited into accounts specified by the winners during three bank days and its can be used by their owners discretion with no restrictions.
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Old 03-22-2009, 09:56 AM
LF adviser
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Index to a business-reliability of LiteForex is over 1500.

From the day of work start in 2005, LiteForex invariably provides to clients the service of deposit and withdrawal funds via electronic payment system WebMoney. During the past period since July, 4th, 2005 Business Level (BL) of the company in a system Webmoney Transfer has grown to 1830 units that indicates a high degree of a business activity and reliability of the group of companies LiteForex.
The formula for calculating BL, is not disclosed by experts of a system WebMoney, but is as known a value BL depends on use duration of system WebMoney by given participant, total number of correspondents with whom WM-transactions were realized both ways, sums and number of these transactions (both incoming and outgoing), presence\absence of claims to the user in a system. Each of these parameters is multiplied by a coefficient which is a constant.
Since July, 4th, 2005 the group of companies LiteForex is an owner of a seller certificate which had been issued by the centre of certification WebMoney, but business level does not depend on certificate type, credit history, except as situations of a non-return of the credit – in these cases a debtor’s business level is reset up to the moment of repayment of a credit. BL value usually varies from 0 to 10 000, the scheme of its calculation is identical for all users, and its recalculation and updating take place each 3 hours.
«It is necessary to consider that BL is conditionally public index that if WMID of participant is known so his business level is easily to find out also, »- comments by Jury Voloshin, the general director of Company «Trend Line», representing the group of companies LiteForex in Russia and CIS countries, - « Our index in 1830 is sufficiently high, as compared with other users of a system Webmoney Transfer. For example BL makes 890,, being an official representative of Webmoney Transfer in Ukraine, has Business Level equal to 1270, the centre of electronic currencies exchange – 1634 ».
Maintenance of given parameter at high level also depends on a presence of positive \negative comments about work of a participant of system Webmoney Transfer. «Business level allows each participant of a system to estimate reliability of a partner who deals for the first time with him, so its maintenance and increasing are one of the paramount problems, which realization is impossible without providing high quality service for clients, otherwise negative comments about our work will surely have an impact on BL value of the company», - Jury Voloshin comments a quality of comments about work of the group of companies as an active participant of a system Webmoney. – «Today we have about 80-82 % of positive comments in whole, in case of the rest of 18 % we satisfy claims of our clients as fast as possible».
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Old 04-06-2009, 11:15 AM
LF adviser
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«People of every flag are welcome!” – a start is announced!

On the 1st of April opens an international action «People of every flag are welcome!” its preparation was first announced by the LiteForex company group in the middle of March 2009. By the time of an actual beginning the territorial area was increased: now traders from seven countries of the world – USA, Nigeria, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Russia - have an opportunity to take part in it.
“At first we planned an action with only US, Nigeria, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia countries,” LiteForex company group marketing director, Simeon Rakhmanov comments on the rules of the action. “However in view of our Russian clients requests we decided to increase the territorial area of action coverage and include Russia in it.”
Starting from the 1st of April LiteForex company group offers up to 10 000 US$ as a bonus for every person willing to participate in the action. To become an action participant you need to open a new trading account during a period: the 1st of April till the 30th of June 2009, to deposit 100 US$ or more into it and to write a letter to a personal account manager with the request to consider the newly opened account as a participant of action. You have to attach a copy of your ID and a Certificate of Residence to confirm that a participant is a resident of USA, Nigeria, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia or Russia.
Accounts opened on dollar or cent servers of the Straighthold Investment Group, Inc. Company take part in the action. Generally an amount of bonus may come to 10% of the deposited on an account but no more than 10 000 US$. A bonus sum is completely accessible for investments in Straighthold Investment Group, Inc. Company according to the personal will of an action participant, and a profit obtained as a result of investment may be used by a trader without any limits or conditions.
“Bonus funds also may be withdrawn from a trading account when no less than 20 deals are closed with a general extent in lots no less than 0.01 of the sum of the original deposit taking part in the action,” Simeon Rakhmanov continues.
One of the indispensable conditions to participate in the action is to have no more than two trading accounts, previously opened by a participant on the same server and an obligation not to open new accounts under participant’s name or from his IP address during the period of validity of the action.
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Old 04-14-2009, 10:08 AM
LF adviser
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LiteForex - accent on opportunity!

Company United World Capital, Ltd. has started in December, 2008 confidently develops, providing clients with ample opportunity for institutional and portfolio managers. Since March, 17th, 2008 on the grounds of optimization of provided services, the company offers an exclusive software package UWC-BuySell, provided for the clients of company for free.
UWS-BuySell is an original «superstructure» for a trading platform UWCTrader, developed exclusively for needs of United World Capital, Ltd. Its use in trading will allow reaching as much as possible effective level of work with a floating spread and quotes with a higher accuracy.
«Today we can give to traders the quotations with a higher accuracy in 0,1 point thanks to cooperation with the largest world companies», - the marketing director of the group of companies LiteForex Simeon Rakhmanov comments,- «Such quotes make it possible trading for short-term traders with the least fluctuations of price with a higher accuracy. In this case more narrow corridors of entrance and exit from the market will allow receiving additionally about one point for each transaction. But values of quotes in this case will have one sign more, than other companies».
This package UWS-BuySell has been developed just for easing of work with quotes with a big number of signs, and a floating market spread from 0 of points, continuously changing depending on a market situation.
UWS-BuySell as a tool of effective trading is notable for flexibility and provides unlimited opportunities for individualization of currency trading. So, for example, now becomes possible to adjust a simultaneous display of information for different number of traded pairs – from one to fifteen inclusive. The only limit here it’s a personal desire of a trader and technical characteristics of a working monitor.
«Installation of UWS-BuySell on PC also was simplified as much as possible», - Simeon Rakhmanov informs, - «it is necessary to download an install file from , start and install it in the catalogue with terminal UWCTrader4, then start the terminal. The last action of activation it’s a left-click on this indicator, take it from the list « Custom Indicators » and put it directly to a diagram».
UWS-BuySell developers notify that at the moment of the first start it is possible have «some reduction of speed» of PC, but it is because of the processing and caching of data by the system. This process, by results of software testing, does not exceed five seconds.
In the process of further use of UWS-BuySell, each trader-user can modify displayed trading instruments according to their own wishes.
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Old 06-03-2009, 11:42 AM
Mikhail Kurakin
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A first LiteForex representative office is open in Africa.

LiteForex group of companies representative office was open as it was planned in the context of market development of Forex trading accommodation in the Africa region. The first official LiteForex group of companies representative office in Africa started functioning this May in Nigeria, that is one of the largest countries of the region.

“Company development plans in the Africa area were made public as early as may*2008”, director-general of the “Trend Line” LLC, representing LiteForex in Russia and Baltic States area, Yuriy Voloshin comments. “Thus Nigeria representative office opening is a planned step towards new market development in the Africa area. By the time of the representative office opening we have gained a considerable experience in working with clients living in this country and in working partnership with Nigeria business circles. In this February we have completed a partnership agreement with Success Attitude Development Centre (SADC). The main aim of this not-for-profit nonstate organization is to support private enterprise development in Nigeria.”
According to LiteForex group of companies representative a choice of the country was based on an active economic development of the republic (today Nigeria is one of the leading petroleum producers in the world, has an enormous gas supplies which the country has recently started to exploit, and can almost completely provide itself with food), strong business undertakings existence and a large home market. One of the key index in favour of the office opening is a high trader activity of LiteForex group of companies’ clients living in Nigeria. According to corporate analytics Nigeria is the third country in the quantity of traders working with LiteForex.
«HighestBidder» company is a Nigeria LiteForex representative, the head of it is Mr. Ayobami Taiwo Nurudeen. A representative office is situated in Ibadan, the third largest city in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano. Its population is 2,5 million people.
Representative office address:
HighestBidder Company Limited
3rd Floor, Cocoa House Complex
Dugbe Ibadan,
Today LiteForex group of companies has representative offices in 8 countries including Russia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Cyprus, Brazil, Iran, Latvia and Ukraine; 3 branches in Russia: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Vladivostok; and an exclusive operator office in Kaliningrad.
LiteForex group of companies web-site is available for users in 13 languages: Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Persian, Malayan, Japanese and Greek.

About the company:
Straighthold Investment Group, Inc., along with United World Capital, Ltd., are presented under the well known LiteForex trade mark and thus are the part of the LiteForex group of companies. Placing financial active assets on the Forex international currency market, on world Stock Markets, on precious metals and Futures markets as well as providing brokerage services are among the basic activity directions of the LiteForex group of companies.
LiteForex company website –
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Old 06-12-2009, 12:32 AM
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Default Liteforex take your first step to financial freedom

China has taken many measures to stimulate economy. Increasing the expenditure of government and encouraging resident adding consumption etc. All of these have a good effect in recover confidence in a degree.
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