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Old 04-23-2008, 02:21 PM
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Default Established Websites For Sale ~ $$,,advertise established websites for sale,sitesell,siteseller,earn money online,buy and sell websites cheap
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Unless you have been hiding under a rock, I know you have been hearing all the stories of big number website acquisitions.

YouTube for $1.6 billion
Myspace for $560 million
Feedburner for $100 million
HotJobs for $436 million
...On and on and on!

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Web Knowledge

Thinking of Selling Your Web Site? How to Determine Your Web Site’s Value

If you are an Internet entrepreneur, selling your web site will be one of the most important business decisions you will ever make. After making it grow, you only got one chance to sell your site. Once you sign and closed the sale, that’s it! No turning back, whether you think you sold the web site for a price too low or whether you shouldn’t have sold it at all.

One important point, though: there are no clear-cut ways and established formula to determine a web site’s value. In fact, making an accurate valuation is a judgment call, where not all parties may agree. Nevertheless, below are two ways commonly used to assess a web site, which you can use in combination with other factors that may be relevant to your web site:

* Multiple of the profit it turns in
. Many practitioners in the field put a web site’s value using a straight formula: 10 times of its net profit. The rationale is that 10x is the lower level bottom foundation of return on investment. For a web site that earns a profit of $100,000 a year, then its value can be placed at $1 million!

However, this formula is too simplistic (why multiple of 10, and not multiple of 15 or 20?). Imagine this scenario: a web site with a domain name only makes $50 a month of profit, while another web site with the domain name generates monthly profit of $500 per month. Then using the 10x valuation method, the first web site’s value despite its coveted domain name is only $500, while the site with the longer hyphenated domain name could fetch up to $5,000. Given this case, the 10x valuation formula does not really make any sense.

* Cost involved in replicating the website
. Similar to brick and mortar businesses, another method of valuation is determining the price of the web site based on its inventory and assets. For a website, the inventory & assets would include the quality and quantity of its content and images, as well as scripts or applications that may have been purchased or developed specifically for the web site.

It could also include the size of its customer list or database; as well as number of subscribers. In fact, many web sites could command higher prices by the sheer size of its customer database alone.

Aside from the above factors, there are other important considerations you need to include in setting the price of your web site:

* Branding and industry stature
. A web site with a well-established brand name and industry recognition is likely to attract a higher price than a totally unknown web site. The site may be getting regular mentions and publicity from the media, receiving awards, and commands the respect of others in the field as an “authority.” The age of the site (the older, the better) can also be considered as a deciding factor in setting up its value.

* Target audience
. A web site whose target audience has more value to advertisers is likely to command a higher price than a site targeted to a set of audience that attracts fewer advertisers. For example, a site targeted to CEOs and high-level executives is more valuable than a site whose main audiences are folks who love squirrels.

Other considerations include: the effectiveness of the web site to its users (are they finding what they need?); as well as the loyalty of its customers as determined by the number of its return users.

* Domain name.
There are site buyers who have no interest in the current content of the site and focuses solely in the site’s domain name. A site with is deemed more valuable than a web site whose domain name is

* Income Diversification.
A web site’s current sources of income also need to be considered when determining its value. Is the site maximizing its revenue potential? Is it putting all its eggs on one basket and relying solely on a single income source (e.g. one affiliate program, one advertiser, one product)? Now, what happens if the web site loses the advertiser; gets kicked out of the affiliate program; or its only product loses its steam?

Is it also missing out revenue sources that seem to be a good fit for the web site? If so, how much is the opportunity cost that the site is potentially missing out? An example is a content-rich editorial site that is not currently running Google’s contextual advertising program Adsense.

* Traffic Diversification.
Where is the web site getting its traffic? A site generating its traffic solely from natural search engine results, especially if the traffic is concentrated on a single search engine, is considered high risk. If Google, for example drops the site, then the web site loses 100% of its traffic. However, a site that relies on search engines for 40% of its traffic, 20% from links, 30% from paid advertising and 10% from publicity has a greater insurance when one source stops bringing in traffic to it.

A site that consistently ranks at the top of the search engines (not just a one-time fluke) also can be used as a negotiating factor when setting the price, as well as the number of its quality backlinks. Also check if the site has been blacklisted by search engines, or listed as a spammer by the ISPs.

* Non-compete clause.
You can put a premium on the asking price if the buyer will request that (a) you lose the rights to all the content you created; and/or (b) you may not create a web site that is similar or in line with the web site you are selling for an agreed period of time.

* Site Potential.
Consider this the “X factor” that the potential buyer sees from your web site. Your buyer may be a close competitor where acquiring ownership and control of your web site may put his or her web properties in the position of industry dominance. Or your site may be a good fit with the current network of sites owned by the buyer. The buyer may also be looking at the opportunity costs that you are missing, and knows that their investment in your web site can be recuperated (even doubled or tripled) in no time at all.

As part of revenue maximization factor, the buyer may also see the weaknesses of your site -- including lack of communication with users, lack of communication with suppliers, and lack of strong relationships with anyone – which can drive down the price for you but may be seen by the buyer as untapped opportunities for growth.

At the end of the day, however, your web site is only worth as much as what somebody else is willing to pay for it.
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Old 01-31-2015, 10:25 PM
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Are any of these sites up for grabs? Which one please?
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Old 08-25-2015, 07:18 AM
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Default Good Idea

This this a good idea I must say to earn money
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