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Old 09-30-2009, 01:57 PM
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Default Starting A New Money Cycler Program? Hourly Cycler?

Hi everyone, I'm a new member of this forum. Previously I only surf and read but never posts. I've been playing around with money cycler for quite a while but find that most cycler usually died or stalled after sometimes.

They stalled because as the cycler gets older, people know that they have to wait longer to get their money back or can't even get their money back so fewer people will join. Another reason is that too many cycler died and thus many people lost confdence in cyclers. Well its truly a cycle because as people lose confidence people don't join thus more cycler failed. Right?

But how to make a cycler last longer? To make a cycler last longer money, you must have constant flow of money into the cycler. Most cycler don't invest their money only take new players money to pay the old player thus they failed.

But if you take the player money to invest then it takes time for the investment to work thus its not called a cycler as money will be stuck for sometime thus when new people join you can cycler the old player out.

So how to have the best of both worlds? Keep the cycler moving yet allocate certain portion of the money for investment (of course must have returns). Its a balancing acts which required skills and experiences for cycler admins who want to play this game. Right?

I've developed a few ideas and will share one here for everyone's feedback. If it received a good feedback, I will launched it and help everyone recovered there lost money in the money cycler world and bring money cycler to a new level.

Firstly we will make this a hourly payout cycler. That means every hour the cycler will payout or cycler one line. It will not be like most cycler where when people join the cycler will moved...... sometime they can moved few lines per minutes or one line in weeks. Hourly payout means that this cycler will move one line every hour whether if there's anyone joining.

That means we control the payout to one per hour even if there's suppose to be a few payout within that hour. We'll make it a evenly hourly payout. With this method, we can better estimate our payout timing and thus use the funds we have for some investments. The returns of the investments will be put back into the cycler thus making it a automated hourly payout with or without new members joining.

I've checked that most cyclers might have very fast cycling period in the beginning when they launch but usually after a week of so they will slow down alot and you can also check that their cycling line is also not alot. So for me to offer 1 hour a cycle that means constantly 1 day 24 hours = 24 hours per day and 168 cycles per week and 720 cycler per 30-day month. And in 3 months we'll cycle 2160 members out.

So what do you think of this plan? This is only my first idea and if its a success, I'll share my other ideas. Please give me some feedback. Thanks.
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