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Old 07-02-2009, 03:29 PM
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Default EMO, Electronic Money Orders is back ...

BACKGROUND: I am finalizing my Uncle Clayton structure and need to have an offshore structure in place to move funds without being taxed legally. EMO has everything in place except the bonds and security deposits. I decided to help them with what they need so I won't have to go through what they went through. It will take $2M to get EMO completely backup and functioning.

TIMEFRAME: About 3 weeks to get the funds in their hands. July 20, 2009.

NOTE: A link that they have given me that allows the members to receive interest on their account and other special privileges under my structure can't be posted here even though it relates to EMO. Besides, right now, they need $2M to be back in full service. I expect to have that to them by the 20th of this month. I need the same structure that EMO already has setup, so I have decided to work with EMO and be a part of their structure. That's how this all came about.

I always get it wrong when posting a link, so I won't. I like this forum the best of all, and do not want to violate a rule.

EMO is only taking applications right now. They are not in FULL service just yet. I am helping them, and you can open an account, I don't think you can validate or verify either until the bonds and security deposits are in place.

HYIP ADMINS: If you use EMO under my side of their structure, you will get an interest bearing account, and IF you are NOT a ponzi, all member deposits that you incur will be protected and their principal will be refunded in full should your program falter. You will need the link to that side of EMO to fall in line.

EMO is now located in Panama where the government thumbs its nose at the US tyrants, and laws are in place that should someone reveal or release financial information on a US citizen, it is an automatic 2 year prison sentence and the law has been proven as some have been sent to prison.

This will make EMO an envied service provider for anyone that wants to keep their financial business private and out of the reach of the IRS tyrants and the POS in office that wants to tax everything.

Just watch this thread, and I and others will keep you updated as things progress. As of today, they are only allowing accounts to be in place, but I don't think you can validate right now. This is premature as of now, but I'm excited as it will get my structure a jump start as well and save time.

Both will be in FULL SERVICE at the same time.
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